About Portuguese Water Dogs (PWD)

Is a Portie right for you?

Portuguese Water Dogs are described by the American Kennel Club as Affectionate, Adventurous, and Athletic. They make great athletic companions, being especially built for fun or work in water. They are eager to please and extremely intelligent, but that intelligence can lead to mischievousness. They can often be seen using their paws much like hands to open doors, reach for food on the counters, or agilely pry into things. They are so soft, affectionate, and endearing, however, that their mischief is quickly forgotten. Their non-shedding coat makes the Portie an ideal option for those with allergies and those who don't like dog hair everywhere. They love to be active and therefore aren't good candidates for staying in a crate for hours a day. They truly are companion dogs, wanting to experience life with you, wherever it takes them. They are extremely hard to raise through puppyhood. With sharp teeth and a mouthy nature, these puppies try the patience of even the most tolerant. A focus on good training will be a must for all owners. Once Portie puppies know who's boss, they are wonderfully fun and enjoyable the rest of their lives. 

Affectionate, Adventurous,
and Athletic...that is a Portuguese Water Dog.